April 20, 2021

Tyler 33

How would you describe your specialty, background and area of focus?

“I have been working in retail real estate for about 15 years, with the last 10 years focused on the Connecticut and New York markets. After attending college at Northeastern University, I began working in commercial real estate in the Boston area for the first five years of my career and then returned to Connecticut, where I grew up. Traditionally, I have been focused on retail leasing, especially tenant representation, but have been engaged much more in Landlord representation and investment sales as well.”

What is one personal fact about you that people might not know?

“I went to the final Hartford Whalers game in the Hartford Civic Center, and I also collect rare sport cards, which has been a long-term passion of mine.”

Where you think the market is heading? What’s one key trend you think is imporant?

“The commercial real estate market is definitely on an upward trajectory, as a result of our economy re-opening and many retailers are now rethinking how to compete and expand their markets. In addition, since many of people are migrating out of New York City and into the tri-state suburbs, I expect that a sizable retail “expansion” will continue to benefit from this housing boom.”

What do you think sets TRUE CRE apart from the rest?

“We have a very “team-oriented culture” at TRUE, where we actively share information internally and truly work as a team, which I have found can sometimes be rare in our industry.  In the end, it may sound cliché, but we have fun at TRUE, while delivering high value to our clients.  It’s all about trust and transparency, really.”